The lady behind Zhivali is Shefali Judeline Jauhar. The story behind the name was conceived while I was seated at Starbucks, Miami (2012).The attendant mistook my name ‘Shefali’ as ‘Zhivali’ and this slight lingo misnomer was engraved forever in my mind. This landed Zhivali into this blogging galaxy.

I am a fashion enthusiast studying Fashion Media Communication in New Delhi.Yours Truly Zhivali is my canvas of expression. I love to write about fashion, travel and other things that interest me. I am also a certified Trinity Guidhall Grade 5 Piano student.Piano has been my longest passion for 14 years.

Fashion to me is a convergence of reality and fashion.A guiding mirror into your state of mind, your clothes will always have a story to tell. In the world of fashion, Alexander McQueen is my God. I absolutely admire this genius. There will never be a person like him for millenniums to come…

An obsessed workaholic, my work is my passion. Nothing gives me more pleasure to see my goals complete.When I set my heart to things, I stay relentless and motivated.

I’m me. I am constantly evolving, a step closer towards who I want to be. I cannot be defined by a moment in time. The future is where I want to be.


Yours Truly,




Photo credits: Duhin Ganju 


(The cover display is not property of Yours Truly Zhivali. It was captured at Comic Con’2014)