For decades, the impact of dolls on children has always been a controversial debate amidst media & parents worldwide. The makers of Mattel dolls have stirred several controversial conflicts in the past for the cultural & sexual ideations their dolls created on young children.


Then in the year 2015, came along the Tree Change Project that has completely changed and reshaped the notions of dolls altogether. An initiate by Sonia Singh, founder of Tree Change Dolls, aims at giving a new lease of life to discarded dolls by the process of up cycling. Something that started out as a leisure hobby for Sonia soon became viral all over the Internet.


 With an ardent interest in dolls since an early age, Sonia took this hobby a notch higher by giving complete fashion make-under to the tattered dolls she would get from second-hand stores. Personal attention would be given to each of the dolls from the time they were bought. Each Tree Change Dolls was created from scratch. From mending broken arms and legs to removing the factory paint makeup traces off the faces, the process was rather arduous. The idea was to create dolls that looked natural, more realistic and relatable to children. Each piece created is individualistic and has a character, unlike mass-made factory dolls. With the help from her mother, Sonia gets little outfits knitted for each of her dolls with no repeated designs. It’s as bespoke as it could get.

The response received for this project has been an overwhelming one. Never in her wildest dreams, did Sonia ever imagine the impact and uproar she created with her doll revolution. It is slowly changing perceptions of these dolls in terms of cultural and social aspect of it. She is glad to have influenced so many people worldwide. The brand’s social media on Facebook is flooded with people’s positive comments and requests for dolls, which is usually very limited due to high demand.

 As far as business is concerned, Sonia is more fueled by passion than anything else. Sharing her passion on YouTube through basic tutorials is something very rarely practiced by brands but she thinks differently. Not losing focus of what she started, the element of artistry remains consistent throughout her dolls.

A simple initiative like this can go miles across in hopes of a better world based on passion and realistic influences. Individuals like these through their passions not only resonate with people but also change fickle mindsets. Adding value to something already used or discarded to an extent that it becomes a frenzy is truly remarkable.


Image Credits: The Tree Change Project