We are a part of this whole new wave of a generation who relish food before it’s even eaten through a picture (Cut me some slack here). There is some energy ignited in every foodie when that aromatic plate lands up on the table! Here are some tit-bits to all the snap-chatters out there the next time you click a picture

Michelin11. All the right lights

Lighting is a very important aspect when it comes to photography. So the next time you hit the lounge, reconsider clicking that martini glass in the dark if you’d not want friends guessing what you actually drank.

2. Location Tag

To all the Instagram natives out there, when you upload a food Selfie make sure you tag the restaurant or café. Its connects minds alike the next time they check out pictures from that location.

3. The Right Angle

This is where things get a little tricky in the dining room. Its very important for your pictures to have a three-dimensional feel to it. Gorging on a fancy tiramisu? It time to show all the layers. Playing with angles can definitely go a longway in the overall look and can sometimes surprise your for the better.

4. Go for Colours

Sometimes when the colours are dull, its best to carry on eating. If you want to get a little creative here, a little run to the garden for flowers wont hurt! Its all about the visual appeal, it should look as good as it tastes.