In a flurry of a moment, things have shaken up a bit where the fashion fraternity is concerned. It has seen legendary designers behind the success of high-end luxury brands voluntarily or involuntarily step back from their creative roles and announce their successors.


Frida Giannini

The year of 2015 has surely descended with shocks and surprises. While Oscar de la Renta’s sudden demise left the industry in tears, others like Frida Giannini (Creative visionary for Gucci) sudden departure just before the Autumn/Winter collection left people clueless about what was to come. It also saw a comeback of John Galliano, an acclaimed designer whose anti-Semitic remarks left him in soup where his career was concerned. He was later given a second chance as he assumed role of Creative Director of Maison Margiela.

British designer John Galliano appears on the catwalk at the end of his Spring/Summer 2003 high fash..

John Galliano

Fashion is surely enjoying its share of magical chairs. Things have been shuffled a bit but the notion of fashion has driven further with change. What is fashion without change? Fashion talks about a moment lived in time, times are changing, and so is fashion. That’s the very beauty of it. It constantly evolves into a higher being of itself. To add, not always for the better. There will always been aversions down the road, but change is the only conqueror. Its time to embrace change with an open mind. As Anna Wintour quotes, “Fashion is about moving forward, not looking back.”

It would be unfair on my part to hide how I detested change at one point in fashion. It was the year 2010 when his assistant, Sarah Burton, took Alexander McQueen’s unattainable position. There was no justification for the emotions I expressed when we lost such talent that year. The thought to have someone replace McQueen seemed absolutely cringe worthy. But we often forget, it is not the designer we like, but moreover the soul transported in the brand. The essence, the attitude and more importantly the clothes are what should speak for the brand. We may not embrace change all at once, it takes time to adjust to what one is normally used to seeing.


Alexander McQueen

Looking at the broader picture, without evolution, the brand is stagnant. There is nothing to look forward to, as we would always expect the same. Just as humans constantly evolve over a period of time, so do designer labels. Time and again they need to push forward towards the extraordinary and prove their metal. There’s nothing without risk. For now, we are just a spec in time dwelling in the timeline of the brand that has a lot to offer in the future