In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye

If there’s a magazine with an immaculate representation of fashion and reality, it’s the ‘V’ word. A fashion bible in every sense, it is an absolute reflection of women, fashion and society since 1892. It has played a critical role in keeping pace with the constantly changing sense of fashion and individuality.


As Vogue celebrated twelve decades in fashion in 2012, it came up with a fascinating documentary that essentially captured the backbone behind the billion-dollar industry- the back-end at Vogue. Behind every glossy fashion spread that throws one into a tizzy takes months of research and preparation. It is a wealthy storehouse of highly conceptualized fashion images, something Vogue is known for. No one captures it better than Vogue and no one visualizes it better than its editors.

Vogue is more than a magazine. It’s about celebrating now, moving forward, embracing change and what’s a better medium than fashion. Whether conjured or spontaneous, each picture has a story to tell. It creates a unique space that can’t be reached but can be lived through a moment in a photograph. A fantasy through fashion that can take you places you’ve never been without going there. There is a certain beauty to it. With fashion being so universal now, there is a certain connect that is established yet interpreted in a unique sense by individuals. Vogue constantly challenges and pushes forth the concepts of fashion through its magazine.

The documentary celebrates and lauds the Vogue team, especially its editors by showing us a glimpse into their lives, their aesthetics and work styles. What makes this highly dysfunctional family so close-knit despite individualistic perspectives on fashion is their passion to drive it further in unexplored realms with confidence. The documentary recollects some of Vogue’s most intimate moments through shared experiences of past and present Editors. Being a cultural influence to the globe, the documentary also dives into the history behind the ups and downs of Vogue.

Zhivali highly recommends this documentary to boost every fashion enthusiast out there with motivation and confidence. It’s a rich insight into the world of Vogue and how it functions. It delves into the making behind some of its iconic shoots, the thought process and the work that goes behind it.