Things have really been interesting lately at New York Fashion Week. Ranfan’s minimalist silhouettes yet rich hued fabrics, DKNY’s modern take on the working woman, Custo Barcelona’s bold print-on-print collection to FTL Moda’s bold showcase has shaken things up a bit on the runway, constantly pushing the boundaries of fashion forward.

Ranfan: The collection had a minimalist yet luxe appeal in terms of fabric and aesthetics. The colour palate had a limited colour palate from flame orange, white, black to ink blue. Oversized tweed long jackets, leather jackets, jackets with shearling trims, long dresses, and printed short skirts stood out on the runway. Neatly swept back hair kept the overall look clean and chic.


DKNY: The collection presented by the acclaimed American designer had an underlying theme ‘The working woman, the ageless working woman in the city of New York’. The colour palate was black, grey, navy, red, cream and violet. The garments mainly revolved around the cuts and had a streak of masculine appeal with regular fit pants, long coats and turtle high-necks. The black brogue and white sock combination took you back to Jackson days.


Custo Barcelona: The quirky Spanish designer showcased bold print-on-print ensembles in this collection. He combined traditional prints like the gingham check, plaid with modern abstract ones. Some of the colour tones in the collection were dull brown, black, grey, blue and red. Among all the garments that made their debut on the runway, the deep V-neck short red and black dress with red fishnets stood out on the runway. Great attention was not just paid on the garments alone but the shoes as well. Each one being different from the other but still going with the outfit worn.


FTL Moda: The designer stood out on Day 5 of NYFW for its avant garde vision on the runway. It was a not so clichéd fashion show with models walking on prosthetic limbs and some strolling on a wheel chair. The colour palate in this futuristic show was navy, black, red, white, silver and dull brown. From silver body paint to outfits barely covering the bare minimum, the show was bold and a daring step forward in fashion.


Meskita: The Brazilian fashion designer featured an angelic yet edgy collection of womenswear that exuberated elegance. The colour palate involved neutral colours like white and off-white contrasted with metallic and jewel colours to add to the luxury of the creations. Pleats were extensively used throughout the collection.  A range of techniques in numerous luxurious fabrics showed versatility to the drapes that oozed femininity and grace.


Photo Credits: Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week Online, Getty Images