Probably one of the most anticipated shows of the year, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014 definitely was a great success story. With 47 models walking the runway along with a pool of highly talented performers under one roof, this was their biggest yet. Known for their desirable lingerie and the hard-to-stop-drooling props, Victoria’s Secret never fails to deliver dreams to women all over the world.

While I sat here streaming the show on Youtube, I couldn’t help imagine myself sitting front row witnessing this fantasy come alive on the runway. The runway was streaming with lights, building the anticipation for the show, making the wait worth waiting for.The backdrop started with this insane golden light projections as though fueling energy to the angels and all those around. Wings are iconic take a year to assemble and consist of feathers, sparkle and intricate hand work.

The show started with the ‘Gilded angels’ segment. The lineup started with lingerie in soft and subtle shades working its way from an elegant look to bold metallic.It got bigger and better in 2014. The angel wings were golden as though to place the angels on a ‘goddess’ pedestal. They were heavenly. The props always add a whole new dimension to the overall look. The wings are a signature element of the show and take a year’s work to assemble. They consist of feather, sparkle and intricate hand work.


Taylor Swift starred in the ‘Dream girl’ segment. Lingerie was predominantly in light lace in soft pastel shades. The wings looked like fluffy cotton candy or clouds for that matter. It was very whimsical and magical. They walked in like a day dream.


The next segment took lingerie to the epitome of luxury and far beyond. The ‘Exotic Traveller”. Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio sent us into a trance with the highly bejeweled fantasy bras. Lingerie displayed in this segment were in brighter colours like red, yellow, turquoise, pink paired with colorful accessorizing. The accessories had a variety of materials from feather, fluffy pom-poms to the works. It surely stuck to the theme and ignited the gypsy spirit within us.


Ariana Grande not only stole the show with her stunning performance but also with her hot two-piece black shimmer outfit. She kept the audience entertained in the ‘University of Pink’ segment. The outfits overall embodied the athletic and sporty look. The colours on the runway were predominantly pink (obviously), white, black, silver. It consisted of fun and funky prints as well.


Then came along the ‘Fairy tale’ segment which was all about a beautiful dream in the woods. Hozier sang his top track ‘Bring me to Church’. This segment saw the angels drift smoothly into the world of their dreams. Soft lingerie predominantly in white and other pastel shades were like every girl’s dream come true. There was of course lots of sparkle on the wings, elevating the fantasy further.


The wonderfully orchestrated fashion show ended with Taylor Swift’s performance during the ‘Angel Ball’ segment. All the lovely ladies lined up on the seemingly checker-board runway. It showcased sexy and highly sultry women in black lingerie with the hard-to-miss props. This segment particularly highlighted strength and power of women. It had a completely different air to it.This was perhaps my most favourite segment.


Last but not the least, the Grand Finale saw all the 47 angels descend upon the runway cheering and waving their last goodbyes before the next highly anticipated Victoria Secret 2015.

Photo Credits: Pinterest