The year 2014 definitely underwent a sea change of beauty makeovers. While some donned looks I could personally kill for, the others were just… (To put it that way) Here is a list of some of the fast catching beauty looks spanning all the seasons:

1. Short is Hot

It’s time to wave those long locks goodbye as 2014 witnessed some dramatic hair transformations with many opting for shorter manes. From pixie cuts to asymmetric cuts, short hair definitely stood out this year adding to raw feminine beauty. From the likes of celebrities such as Kristen Stuart, Emma Stone, Anne Hathaway to Jourdan Dunn, short hair seems here to stay.


2. Bang Bang!

Bangs emerged as a beauty statement this year. An ideal hairdo for long foreheads, bangs help define the face and not to miss, it makes one look young. Having bangs myself, I take pride in this trend and recommend y’all to try this trend atleast once in your life! It adds an element of fun to your hair making you look unique.


3. The Partial Buzz

The year 2014 was all about feminine edginess especially when it came to hairstyles. The partial buzz cut was a common phenomenon among younsters and celebrities alike. Giselle Bundchen, Charlize Theron, Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus (majorly) were some of trendsetters of the partial buzz cut.


4. Lipstick Trend

Think tangerine, blood orange, fuschia! This year was all about the brights worn with contrasting skin tones to make the beauty statement. Apart from these bright shades, marsala also became the raging colour for fall. Whatever trend might come and go, one colour that will never fade is rich Red. What a LBD is to dresses, such is red to lips.





5. Fresh-faced beauty

Taking the beauty-comes-from-within-dialogue seriously, a lot of women have gone makeup free. Going along normcore routes, many are opting for the natural look sans foundation and the frills. Following beauty the parisienne way is definitely the next ‘in’ thing!



6. Armpit Sensation

Taking things from natural to bizarre, a weird trend did the rounds in 2014. Several youngsters took to Instagram to show their affinity towards dyed armpit hair! Let your imagination run wild and imagine all the colours of the rainbow. Your reaction? Yes, exactly.



7. Slicked Back Hairstyle

From the runways to the red carpet, slicked back hair has been trending all year. It gives a clean yet chic look. Whether heavily gelled or simply swept back it gives a highly minimalistic & sophisticated appearance.

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8. The Blues

Blue was a popular eye shadow choice this year. From the lights to the darks, from matte to the metallic, blue as an eye shadow shade works well with evening looks.  As a colour, it really flatters all complexions.

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