Lost in the galaxy of drifting articles on WordPress, I stumbled across quite an interesting personality! She seemed delightful, she wrote great articles and was quite the makeup artist. Being a makeup enthusiast myself, (We both love MAC by the way) I decided to let my curiosity get the better of me and managed to interview her. Her name is Emily and this is her story:
Q.1: What does make-up mean to you? 
Make-up is one of my biggest fascinations, I have always had a passion for anything artistic. I graduated in Fine Art then went on the beauty School. Believe it or not I only got into make-up when I was competing in the final of Miss Wales back in 2006, we needed to apply our own make-up that would stand out on stage and under lights, so I started experimenting with different products and brands, and was hooked.I then went on to re create the iconic vintage look, pale skin, red lips, black cat eye flicks and it has been my staple look for the past decade.
I started my make-up business back in July this year. I have been amazed at the interest, already over 1000 followers on Facebook!I want to make people look and feel beautiful, I use make-up to enhance people’s natural beauty not cover it. For me applying make-up is a joy I never get bored of it. I believe women should embrace glamour, a little make-up makes everyone feel better 🙂
Q.2: What beauty products should a woman always carry in her bag?
I usually carry a small make-up bag with me wherever I go just in case, but I would say the most important products a woman should carry with her are lipstick if she is wearing lipstick, so that she can touch up during the day. If she is not wearing lipstick then a lip balm to stop lips getting chapped and give them a nice sheen.
I also recommend a translucent powder or blotting sheets, to stop skin looking oily and keep make up looking fresh all day.
I Carry a mascara with me and blusher but that is only because I leave at 6am and sometimes I’m out for 12 hours so may need to give the lashes a re-touch, or a little bit more blusher.
Its good to carry tissues and small pocket mirror.
For those women who don’t wear foundation during the day its good to have a face spritz or moisturiser to refresh the skin during the day.
Q.3 Is there any make-up brand that you are a loyal customer of? What products under that brand would you recommend?
I am a devoted fan of MAC, their make-up is amazing and lasts all day, more expensive but it does last forever. My favourite products are The Studio fix fluid in NW 15, have used this for years, it has brilliant coverage and lasting power, I also like the studio fix compact.
I love their matte lipsticks and have them in a range of shades, my favourites being Ruby Woo, Russian Red, Dangerous, and recently Diva which is a deep red/plum perfect for this seasons vamp look.
I love Diorshow mascara, it makes lashes look amazing but is a little pricey, so I usually use Max factor 2000 calorie, or benefit they’re real which are both brilliant!.
I like MaxFactors crème puff powder in truly fair, have used this for years my grandmother used it too, gives me a lovely vintage flawless look and covers shine .
I use MAC lipliner in cherry or Redd they last all day.
I have always used collection 2000 liquid liner, I have tried most Dior, Givenchy, MAC, but for me this is the best.
I like Elf’s high definition finishing powder, its amazing and gives skin a photo finish look.
Elf’s fixing spray is also amazing and I use this to set my make-up.
Q.4 What daily makeup routine should one carry out during:
a. Summer
During the summer, as its more humid its best to use a lighter foundation, I usually wear just a tinted moisturiser on holidays, or mineral foundation, using lip balm is a must to stop chapped lips. If your going on holiday its good to have a eyebrow and eyelash tint so you can go without wearing mascara, but if you do wear mascara use a waterproof one so that you can use the pool. As usual cleanse tone and moisturize as normal morning and evening, and always apply a moisturizer with SPF factor no lower than 15 on your face during the day.Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.
b. Winter
Always cleanse tone and moisturise morning and night, and apply a moisturiser with SPF no lower than 15 for the day. Brush lips with an old toothbrush or lip scrub to get rid of dead skin and stop lips chapping, always use a lip balm, or before bed if your wear lipstick during the day. drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. In winter darker shades suit better like plums/reds etc.
Q.5 What inspired you to specialize in vintage make-up?
I have always loved old Hollywood glamour, old films and old actors and actresses;my favourite being Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn, Audrey Hepburn, Bettie Paige, the list is endless.I was always intrigued by their make-up and how beautiful they looked, yet they never looked over done, after starting to use make-up I was bored of the usual trends and felt all girls looked the same, I wanted to look different and stand out so I started  wearing red lipstick and flicks, back then when I was in college it was quite a rare thing and people started commenting that it looked lovely and it suited me so I stuck with it, I love being the “girl with the red lips” 🙂
Q.6 If you had to choice, which actress from the past would you like to work on?
I would LOVE to work on Bettie Paige, I would love to have met her, she was one of the first pin-up models.
I would also loved to have worked on Elizabeth Taylor she has such style and elegance, also Rita Hayworth.
Q.7 Who are your biggest inspirations in the field of make-up and why?
My biggest inspirations at the moment I would say are magazines/catwalk shows/looking at people on the street and seeing their make-up style.I like to walk through the department stores and check out new make-up. I enjoy browsing through other make-up artists work and watching make-up videos.I Don’t tend to follow the usual trends but like to create my own looks, this I think is the most original thing.
Q.8 Where would you see yourself as a make-up artist in the next five years?
I would love to see myself as a full-time make-up artist rather than just part time one. We all have to start somewhere. I would love to be working on a television or film set as the make-up artist, or backstage at a high end catwalk show. This would be my ultimate dream.
Q.9 What advice would you give to young make-up artists?
My advice would be to set yourself a goal and stick to it, never give up, I would recommend studying at beauty school to gain your qualifications and insurance, and go from there. Set yourself up as a freelance make-up artist, get on twitter/facebook/worpress/any social media you can to spread the word, you will soon become recognised and have clients. Try speaking to photographers who are usually happy for a make-up artist, sometimes they will give you free prints if you apply make-up, this is very good for building your portfolio and gaining experience. keep at it and you will make it.
Q.10 What has personally been your biggest achievement  as a make-up artist?
My biggest achievement being a make-up artist was probably getting to where I am now, in only this short space of time (7 months) already having over 1000 followers on face book, having lots of clients and steadily gaining recognition. I hope to be working in television or in theatre/film this time next year, this is my dream and I am sticking to it 🙂 Watch this space
Emily has an insightful blog when it comes to advice in the world of makeup.She always has some useful makeup tricks up her sleeve which can be quite useful to newbies.
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Here are some of her works of art:

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