So the never ending college submissions are finally over and I haven’t seen myself as free as a bird in several months.I am pretty sure all you fashion students feel the same way. Constantly wracking my brains for creative ideas has led me to a point where I have come up with this hyper-imaginative list of things we fashion students could make our lives much easier with.

1. A refillable coffee/green tea machine: For all those endless all-nighters of submissions, if only we had those magical dispensable machines of unlimited caffeine, it would be of a great help.


2. The ‘Control + Z’ button: Being dissolved in the digital world (whether writing articles or photo-shopping pictures) has made me feel like every mistake I make can be so conveniently undone. However it hit me right in the face when I clumsily spilt water on my tedious project. At that moment in time I kept wishing ‘control + Z’ ‘control + Z’ just to later realize my foolishness. If only the real world worked this way.


3. A rechargeable sleep backup: If only I could recharge myself  with the stored sleep backup that I saved up in the summer holidays for my demanding college submissions, I would have been in a different league all together. The power of sleep is most valued when you can’t afford it during those endless assessments, trust me.


4.  A deadline delayer : So we snooze our alarms every morning, how about snoozing our deadlines till a few days hours later? (May be I was asking for too much)


5. A creative bank: We have all the money when we need it, but where do all our brilliant ideas disappear during pressurizing times? Perhaps we can come up with this banking system for creative minds wherein we get all the right ideas in the right frame of time just when we need them and not when we’re just casually strolling in the park.


Hope you guys feel and fantasize the same way!

Yours Truly,