What perfect way to educate a selfie obsessed culture about social issues than a selfie, obviously. In efforts to raise awareness about HIV and the various social stigmas attached to it, a whole new social media campaign was carried out. It was to erase the mindset that men who were HIV negative were ‘clean’  while the ones affected weren’t entitled to the same.The entire idea is not differentiate and differentiate people based on their ailments, that they have lives just as ‘normal’ people do.

An initiative started by Jack Mackenroth whose target is to reach a million dollars and donate the proceeds to Housing Works, which works to fight AIDS homelessness in NY.

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While many might cringe and call it another nudity display with all the ‘Break the Internet’ memes lately, but the entire idea is to take a picture (not an explicit one) upload it on a social media portal and most importantly make a donation to a suitable charity.

Social media has certainly gripped the globe with its impact and popularly. Lets hope they raise the expected figures towards the better cause.

Image Courtesy: Pink News