‘They came, they saw, conquered’

Here’s a brief rundown list of women from across all avenues of fashion who have etched their name in the history. These are some of the top names you NEED to know:


1. Anna Wintour (Editor-in-chief): Probably one of the most challenging, inspiring and influential woman one comes across in fashion. Anna has been the editor- in-chief for the “Fashion Bible”- Vogue for over 26 years. Also nicknamed “Nuclear Wintour” for her high standards and professionalism, she possesses regal confidence and is a true icon of her time.


2. Natalie Massenet (Business): A quintessential business woman, Massenet is the Executive Chairman of Net-A-Porter. She boosted the domain of e-commerce when she negotiated with several reluctant luxury brands to showcases their items online. This has boosted scope for fashion retail in the world of luxury brands like never before.


  1. Cara Delevigne (Model): A top notch model and the industry’s ‘it-girl’, she has been involved in numerous ad campaigns for high profile brands such as Chanel, Burberry, and Mulberry. Spotted by Christopher Bailey, she was welcomed with open arms in the industry. Currently, Cara is one of the most sought-after and among the highest paid models. In 2013, she was the most googled fashion individual in the UK. Now that speaks volumes in itself.


  1. Suzy Menkez (Fashion Critic): Critically acclaimed fashion journalist, her ramp reviews give designers a run for their money. She is highly influential fashion-critic, her words are the set commandments of fashion. Among many of her accomplishments, the most prized are the Legion d’Honneur in France and a British OBE.


  1. Pat McGrath (Makeup Artist): One of the most sought after makeup artists in the world. She is one of those rare individuals who accomplish such feats despite no formal training. Her looks are showcased on runways of D&G, John Galliano and the works. Inspired by fabrics, she is known for her innovative usage of materials when it comes to makeup. Unlike most professional makeup artists, she uses her hands instead of brushes while applying makeup.

As I said, the list is endless but I tried to encompass each individual from every field of fashion.

Images sourced from Pinterest & Google.