In attempts to expand the scope for wearable technology, Intel had come up with a witty ‘Make it Wearable’ Contest. It provided a platform for people across various fields to help develop their business ideas into a reality. It was a ten month competition culminating with the winner taking away $500,000! Just recently the winning team was declared, Team Nixie.


Prototype by Team Nixie

The founders describe it as “a flying wristband that can give aerial photography to you.” It a lightweight quad-copter that is attachable on the wrist. On command, it flies up, shoots a picture and boomerangs on one’s arm.

With the ‘selfie culture’ explosion all over, Team Nixie definitely identified a gap in the market to capture people in their intimate experiences, often alone.

Team Nixie is not settled with just the prize, they plan further improving their winning gadget. “Our goal is to move really, really quickly because, of course, there are competitors in the space,” quotes Jovanovich (Team Nixie). “We’re just going to stay ahead of the game.”

From the drones flown during fashion week to the Cannes Film Festival for that matter, what makes this exciting is the fact that gizmo is soon to be accessible to the masses.


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