He’s certainly rapping his way to the top today, I wonder while I sit listening to his ‘Can’t tell me nothing’ track. Yes, I’m talking freshness, realness, the one and only Kanye West. Not only is he invested in his music, he is quite dissolved in other forms of creative expressive whether art, dance or fashion.

Recently on his wife Kim Kardashian’s birthday, Kanye along with daughter North West gifted her a hand painted bag by their daughter! Even in his childhood days, Kanye West loved to express himself through his drawings and mind you he was quite the artist.

For those of you who don’t know (which I doubt) Kanye West is a an American rapper, song writer, director, entrepreneur, and fashion designer.

In his earlier experiences in fashion he interned at Fendi for four months and was even taught by the legendary designer Giuseppe Zanotti about shoemaking for two years.

Coming back to what I wanted to express, Kanye West is quite an icon for modern day fashion. Breaking free from the ‘baggy’ rapper dress code, Kanye West’s sense has always been distinct and noticed by the media. (That’s a different case all together that he is highly intolerant to them, often getting involved with a bit of destruction here and there.)

Front row at most designer fashion shows, he has made it big in fashion. Never afraid of making his statement whether in his lyrics or personal style. Here are some of his moments in fashion:

The Kanye West ‘Shutter Glasses‘ went viral after been featured in the 50th Annual Grammy Awards. Everyone wanted those specific shades that Kanye made oh-so-fashionable!


He has been inspired by a variety of styles and loved to infuse a mix of formal and sportswear. He stated in an interview that real men never wear flip-flops on the beach, they were Jordans. Kanye dreamt of Jordans right since fourth grade and was once even thrown out of class for drawing them.He has even collaborated with LV in the past on his shoe range.His most sought after collaboration with Nike called the ‘Nike Air Yeezy’ has witnessed shoes flying off the racks.


Kanye West even has his own label to his name which is featured at Paris Fashion Week. Here is a sneak peak of some of his looks from the collection.

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Here are some of his raddest looks. He definitely rocks street style effortlessly with leather and jeans being his signature! No wonder the shutterbugs are constantly after him. Chic and effortless, Kanye rules the streets.

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One of the most powerful couples after Jay Z and Beyonce. He doesn’t shy away from a bit of coordinated dressing with wife.


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All in all, you can love him, hate him but not dismiss the fact that he rules the reigns of fashion by not only rocking designer labels but also collaborating with the big-wigs of the industry. He has also made hip-hop a medium of branding for designers. He absolutely owns it.

*Deep Breathe* I finally posted the article I have been thinking of posting for months! Hope y’all like it!