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Featured E - Magazine

Well, another Sunday is here, and I’m going through my reader to find some really great blogs. And I’ve found some really good ones this week. It never ceases to amaze the number of good blogs that I find that have not been pressed.  So, if you are out there Freshly Pressed Pressers, take a look at some of these great blogs.

Some Kernels of Truth

This blog is fantastic! It’s what I consider a “true blog” in every sense. This blog covers just about everything from books to internet gaming. In her about page, Kernel writes “This is a site with a little bit of everything, but at its core, it focuses on sharing different truths — some are silly, humorous observations on day-to-day life or current events, while others are interesting passages from books, websites and other sources.” She has a beautiful skill for writing.

John Ferebee Photo

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