“Never quit, keep trying” is the motto of this established model from Bangalore who is also a software engineer by profession. He has worked for a majority of top Indian designers in most fashion weeks from across the country (Wills India Fashion Week, India Couture Week, India Bridal Fashion Week, Lakme India Fashion Week to name a few). Featured in magazines like Vogue & Grazia, Atul has made it far in life with his go-getter and perseverant attitude.

His venture into the Fashion industry was particularly interesting. He was just another regular college student until one day, he was picked by the Fashion team of his college. This is where things took a turn for the better and landed him in MTV shows. Fascinated by the whole idea, he posted his pictures on Orkut and got in touch with a lot of photographers; Neha Celly was one of the first to shoot his pictures. Later on, he started off with Prasad Bidapa where he was launched through a fresh model hunt show and the rest is history.

With inquisitiveness I asked him if it weren’t for fashion, where would he be to which he said, that he would have been in the army, maybe a pilot or in the medical field. A well rounded personality he is an adventurer at heart and loves biking, trekking and nature. In the field of sports, he is quite fond of cricket and badminton. In his earlier days he had been a district level Kho Kho Captain, a good badminton player and a state level university chess player.

To survive in the fashion industry is tough enough, but to outshine as a male model is to speak the unspeakable. When I asked him the usual question of how tough is it to survive in the industry, he told me the obvious. In cities like Bombay and Delhi, thousands flock to give auditions and but everyone makes it.

One requires a lot of confidence, persistence & patience in this field. The amount of work is less but the struggle is ten times more. This also has a negative impact in terms of competition as the supply exceeds demand which makes them replaceable at any point of time unless very established, which in turn impacts the confidence level. (A day in the life of a model, Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week)

Sabyasachi, Rohit Bal, Tarun Tahiliani, Wendell Rodricks, J J Valaya are some of his favourite Indian designers and not to miss Ashish N Soni whose clothes are the perfect fits for him. His international favorites are Karl Lagerfeld & Tom Ford. His ideal male model icons are John Koterajerena and David Gandy (I knew that was coming *wink*).In India his all-time favourite models are Arjun Rampal and Milind Soman to name a few, but he stresses on the fact that his most important idol cum inspiration is SRK.
Fashion week is a whole new adrenaline rush for people in the fashion fraternity. What makes it so exciting for Atul are the lights, the runway and feeling of pacing the runway with sheer confidence. However, hectic schedules and no rest keeps him on his toes. An avid gym freak, he has been one for 9 years now and follows a good diet and workout routine. On an occasional strict diet he has lots of proteins (about 24 boiled eggs, whey protein), lots of veggies for fibre and not to miss the essential- water. However his weak spot is Delhi where he gobbles down Aloo Parathas. ( Runway Video#1 : WIFW 2013,LIFW 2013 ,IBFW 2013) ( Runway Video#2 : WIFW 2014)

Atul’s adventurous side leaves him with feelings of wanderlust. He would love to travel to adrenaline-rush havens like Nile and the Amazon. Internationally, he would love to go to New Zealand on his next trip. Being a nature lover that he is, he would also love to be a part of Nat Geo surrounded by nature and wildlife.

His advice to newbies is ‘to never quit, work hard. The struggle never ends but you have to keep trying’. He suggests all aspirants to wait for the right time and realize their potential, get in touch with the right people, be well groomed and get correct reviews and feedback. He quotes “I myself find it not easy as I juggle a lot between modeling and my software profession. But passion towards fashion keep me alive and going”.

A funny and cheerful personality at Fashion week, it was a great experience to interact with such an individual. His simplicity and approachable attitude is what makes him appealing.

While in Delhi, he also works with Purple Thoughts India Agency. With their aid, he is also trying to get his career pushed to an international level. He believes because in the next two years, he would want to walk the runway for the world’s most prestigious fashion weeks like Paris, Milan, New York, and London.

Constantly rising above the expected, we wish him luck for the future!

Here are some candid moments I captured of Atul in between rehearsals at Fashion Week.


Atul poses for me while I sit and attend rehearsals! What entertainment!

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Images apart from feature image property of Shefali J. Jauhar.