The fashion brigade is back with a bang! After a successful Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week A/W’2014 in March, the next season of S/S’15 is gearing up to steal the show! Fittings are currently being held at The Lalit where designers are working back-to-back in full swing for the upcoming show starting from 8th-12th October 2014.

The most interesting part of any show is not what happens on stage but rather what is happening behind the curtains.Collections being presented are planned, but the real life drama,tantrums and stories are well just, spontaneous– let’s just put it this way.

The first day of Fittings was indeed a very joyous one for most! People from all over the fashion biz met after months of their busy schedules and caught up from where they left last Fashion week. I recall one model telling her travel and adventure tales while the other of how she enjoyed her flight with her pals flying to Delhi for Fashion week. The ambience was filled with excitement and enthusiasm with all the people feeling fresh and energetic at day one for fittings.

With the fitting trials happening back to back, the models were quite occupied with the constant dress changes. They would line up, receive the garments and try them on, often end up swapping them with the other to see what suited them best.They were quite a pro obviously to change so many clothes on a daily basis, I couldn’t imagine doing this for even a day being the lazy butt I am when it comes to trying on clothes.

During rest intervals, they would sit back, read a book, socialize or sip some tea with biscuits.As the afternoon ventured to evening, the highlight of all snacks became the samosas. I couldn’t believe when I saw samosas vanish within 20 mins, YES they did eat them all.

To ogle at fresh beautiful garments displayed before the show even commenced was a different pleasure all together. The rooms were filled with people of different profiles all trying to turn the designer’s show into a success.So many people are involved in this creative process from the choreographer, model coordinator, assistant designers to the designer itself. There was a strong realization that so many hands involved in the making of a show often go unnoticed. If we include hands behind the entire event, the list would go on and on. My point is we only focus on the ‘main’ people but often fail to realize and appreciate the efforts of those who work behind the scenes.

It was alot of fun capturing frames behind the scenes, every time I look back at a picture, I practically relive the moment. From dress fittings to garment displays to walk rehearsals to capturing model moments, backstage photography to me is real fashion photography; they are not planned but naturally evoke a sense of style without much effort involved. It is an in-between moment before the final outcome and I love to capture the transition.

Well so far Day#1  sailed smooth. It  had been good to me while I worked at the FDCI registration desk and I hope the forthcoming days go as well! Will continue posting daily updates of the fittings and the gossip. Till then au revoir!

Yours Truly