Atlas it’s over, I say to myself, as I head back home from college. It wasn’t just any ordinary day, it was the last day of college before break. The feeling of elation, of not having to get up early the next day, was plain indescribable. As my journey commenced in the auto, what I next was completely unexpected.

Ahead of us, I saw a bike that had collided with a car. At first, I didn’t pay much attention knowing how great our Indian roads are. On a closer inspection to my surprise, I see two kids, about half our age riding it. (Spare the fact that I still haven’t learnt to drive as yet, yes I know believe me!)Thankfully it was a slight bump and not a major accident.

As though one crash wasn’t enough, they speeded again as we came closer,nearly hitting our auto-rickshaw. The driver in a serious tone said, “I doubt their feet even reach the ground, let alone driving that bike”. Reckless & carefree, they made it seem as if it was child’s play. Infact, they were quarrelling like experienced adults as if it wasn’t their fault. Young, wild and free, they were least bothered.

What alarms me the most is how they are never checked while on the roads? How can they even go unnoticed? Do their parents even know their whereabouts?

Rash driving among adults is still common, but what is making it even more so common among the underage? I wasn’t surprised when I read  that India was one of the world’s largest contributors of underage driving accidents and deaths. To read about this was shameful, but to see one before my eyes really made me squirm.

It wasn’t the age that surprised me the most, but the attitude. If an attitude like this exists at such a young age ,I can sadly just imagine the state of affairs of India in the future. Sigh.

Yours Truly,