We all love Fashion week don’t we? The buzz and adrenaline pumping in the venue enthralls all those around but sometimes a few people take this energy to a whole new level, lets just say stupidity. Here are a few fashion faux-pas you might want to avoid while attending future fashion shows!


1. Don’t try and get your way around with the ‘Do you know who I am’ dialogue because most of the time they wont  and this will just embarrass you further and hurt the ego. Don’t even aim towards name dropping. People don’t care who you’re familiar with. (and who did you think you were trying to impress?)

2. Everyone wants to attend the show and everyone wants to be there on time so be PATIENT. Stand in a queue in a civilized manner and  avoid pushing and shoving, moments before the show gates open. You really wont want to trip on the lady’s dress ahead of you now, would you?

3.Please sit on the seat that is allotted to you unless you want to be publicly sent towards the back when the owner claims his seat. We all want to sit front row but that’s not how it works. However luckily enough if there is a vacant seat then you may ask the nearby usher if the upgrade would be possible.

4. Do not leave the show with someone else’s goodie-bag and later get caught with several more of them when you leave the hall. It’s just not cool.

5. When a celebrity arrives at the venue do NOT run around wrecking havoc like there’s no tomorrow. Trust me its not easy either for the security or the backstage manager. You can adore him/her all you want when you watch the show. That’s why she came in the first place.Request him/her for selfies ONLY when you see she’s idol and not running back-to-back for show changes.

6.Taking more pictures than watching the complete show is a complete disaster. You will never appreciate the true experience of fashion if you’re too busy snapping. So relax, sit back and give yourself a break!

7. Last but not the least pay respect to the designers while watching their show. They have put in months of effort for the 10 minute show. You may not like it and I’m not forcing you to either but you can clap your hands it wouldn’t cost much either.


Yours’ truly