Meeta Rishi, the founder of CHAVi is a veteran in the field of Public Relations and has more than a decade of experience to her credit. A complete
astute businesswoman, Rishi is dedicated and focused individual. Her professional go-getter attitude is the reason behind CHAVi’s success.

Shefali J: Chavi PR has been in the industry for more than a decade now, how has it established itself and what sets it apart from other PR Companies?

Meeta R: Being in the Industry for more than a decade CHAVi has etched a place in all our client’s minds which no other PR firm has. A Fashion & Life style Brand Management PR Consultancy, CHAVi Image enjoys a wonderful rapport with media which enables it to keep the brand always in the limelight and clients come to us for repeated business. We take pride in ourselves that we have always taken up projects for individual than for established brands. CHAVI always believes in building a long term association with our clients. The difference lies not in the reach but in the approach, whereas others follow the rule or break it, we at CHAVi bend it to suit our requisites. Our association with the brands be it Fashion, Food, Films, Festivals, Furniture, Art, Celebrities etc., has made them the top- notch names in the Industry today.

Shefali J: What are the kind of skills needed in an industry like this?

Meeta R: Time management, task management, pro-activeness, strong vision and a global mindset, desire for organizational as well personal growth, the willingness to learn and the power to communicate in the right manner.

Shefali J: What have been you’re proudest accomplishments in Chavi PR?

Meeta R: There have been many proud moments that CHAVI has seen since its inception, the proudest one that I can recall at the moment is when with mere 2 years of existence in the PR fraternity, CHAVI was the one to repose faith of bringing 2 prime ministers on one platform and organised a national level event in-front of biggies of the PR world yet gathered applauses for itself. Since then there have been one after the other and each one superseded the previous one making CHAVI the best thing that happened to me personally.

Shefali J: What made you want to choose this field?

Meeta R: I am a strong believer of destiny and howsoever hard I try to articulate it can be best described as a Destination of a Destiny.

Shefali J: State a fact about this industry that not many are aware of?

Meeta R: PR agencies are a critical information point for media with close proximity across sectors, divisions, brands, political parties, film-stars almost everything which media is not ready to accept or realize.

Shefali J: Is the scope for this field at par with other countries abroad? If not, then how can the gap be bridged?

Meeta R: The scope of this field is far more in India than in the other countries. On ground there is a yearning gap but India has woken up to the challenge and has included result oriented services to cater to different types of client.

Shefali J:  What advice would you give to youngsters who are soon to be entering the field of Public Relations?

Meeta R: Youngsters are focused and career oriented. I feel one must make mistakes and learn to have a firm path to success.

Those were pearls of wisdom from the founder of CHAVi, Mrs. Meeta Rishi. It was a pleasure interviewing her and getting an insight on her perspective about what goes on in the P.R Industry.


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