In the highly competitive society that we live in, it is really hard to stand out and make one’s self known to the industry that one is passionate about. However there are great exceptions to the same. There are highly accomplished and inspiring individuals who work hard, stay simple and manage to hit the bull’s eye with great perseverance.  Mr. Sauraj Bhardwaj is one of them.

Having been the Vice President for Activations at Encompass (A JWT Group Company) for several years, he had previously been a Head in Media & Brand Activation and Market Activation at Ltd. These are some of his few but great profiles to get started with.

After several years of being in the industry he set up his company by taking a stand and firmly believing in it. Currently the proud Director and CEO of his Company ‘TOUCHPOINTS’, here are a few words of enlightenment from the person himself.

Shefali J: What were the deciding factors that made you venture into the field of events and activations?

Sauraj B: For individuals who want to win challenges in every professional assignment in life this industry is made for them. I am made for this industry and this calling I recognized in my college days only.

Shefali J:
You are the director and CEO of Touchpoints, how did this come to be? Had this always been a part of the plan?

Sauraj B: After working for more than a decade and a half for others, (Including agencies, media and brands) I felt that the time had come where I should take command in my hands and assist in developing the industry of BTL towards maturity and as an organized sector. Therefore I decided to jump in with my own organization “TOUCHPOINTS”.
Shefali J: What were the major challenges you faced in your journey?

Sauraj B: As this industry is not very organized and we are only as good as our last assignment in front of our clients therefore in making brands feel that BTL is an integral part of any marketing mix was one of the biggest challenges. Also execution of campaign is a major uphill task as we work in an uncontrolled environment with many hostile situations surrounding us.
Shefali J: The field you are into requires a lot of hard-work, passion and quick thinking. What keeps you motivated?

Sauraj B: Only two things:

  1. Converting client’s brief/dream into reality with creative and practical concepts.
  2. Converting concepts into realty by delivering superlative execution.Shefali J: What is the toughest part of the job?

Sauraj B: Acquiring good talent.

Shefali J: Who have been your clients in the past?

Sauraj B: Mercedes Benz, Max Bupa, Radio city, UHG, HT Media, Hero Cycles
Shefali J: What are the skills one acquires when working in the field of events and activation?

Sauraj B: There are many skills but a few of them are -Patience, quick thinking, solution provider, go getter attitude, never say die attitude, creative thinking.
Shefali J: What would be your advice to all the young professionals out there who are new to the field?

Sauraj B: Only enter if you have passion for this business/ industry. Glamour is only the tip of an ice berg, there is much more to do here.
Shefali J: Who have been your biggest inspirations?

Sauraj B: Nobody! We need to be self-motivated to get going….

Shefali J: Last but not the least, what are the goals you want to achieve for the company within the next three years?

Sauraj B: My vision is to make “TOUCHPOINTS” the most trusted experiential marketing agency in the country. However, it will take more than three years.

Image Courtesy: LinkedIn