Floral Fancies

What is it with me and my floral obsession? From design mood boards to boyfriend bouquets to my mother’s garden photo shoots (not to forget my lucky charm hair clips), flowers somehow  ALWAYS manage to enter every frame of my life subconsciously wherever it possibly can. I find its presence way too frequent and surprising at the same time, but it never seizes to leave me.


A flower in resemblance with a heart from my mother’s garden.

Ironically my name, Shefali means a white flower in Sanskrit, but that’s not the point. How could flowers affect me so much so that I am actually writing about this?

Could it be my mother’s constant efforts in maintaining the flowers in our balcony or my splendid visit to the Keukenhof Garden in Amsterdam or something else? The answer to me lies deep down in a place unexplored right since childhood. For those of you who don’t know the garden is a must visit while touring Amsterdam. It’s a massive well designed flower paradise opened only for a month in May where visitors all over the globe unite to witness the bloom of some 6 million odd tulips available in all colors and species.

Amsterdam1 May 2010 -141

Keukenhof Garden, Amsterdam 2010

Amsterdam1 May 2010 -115

Amsterdam- the land of the tulips

Floral in fashion go along pretty brilliantly actually. There is nothing more feminine, sensuous or charming than simple floral prints. Floral patterns give an understated appeal, they are not loud but they have a beautiful touch of their own. I remember my mother had given me 90s crop floral top which I initially didn’t appreciate much right at first, but I still remember the day I wore it, I felt like someone else. Florals have definitely a deep connection with me. Valentino, Dolce and Gabanna, Ellie Saab are a few names I associate with when I think of brilliant floral aesthetics in fashion.


My mother’s cropped shirt from the 90’s.




Ellie Saab

There is nothing as timeless as a floral outfit in soft pastel colours. Floral prints didn’t become a classic just like that. In fact when I add the historic perspective to it, floral and foliage elements were quite common even centuries ago. They were added during the Egyptian Period (2800 B.C.-28 B.C.) to make highly simple patterns created out of repetition. The Roman era (28 B.C. – 325 A.D) made use of flowers in wreaths, garlands and even crowns. During the Renaissance period (1400 A.D – 1600 A.D) floral designs were initially naturalistic but later leaned towards ornate and intricate ones. Van Gogh, a dutch artist was also an acclaimed artist for his ‘Sunflower’ painting.


Sunflower, Vincent Van Gogh

At the end of it I come back to where I started. I love flowers. They are pretty. There is nothing wrong with me and my fancies. Period.

Yours’ Truly,



All images apart from Valentino, Ellie Saab & Sunflower are property of Shefali  J. Jauhar