Media has been a game changer to the fashion industry of the 21st Century. Right from the juicy Fashion column of the Sunday Times to the dynamic episode of ‘Project Runway’, media has constantly been shaping and influencing the idea of fashion in the minds of its obsessed audience. The adrenaline rush among us fashion students when they can’t get enough of their Fashion magazine is just an understatement as to how the media ‘seeps’ into our heads and creates a buzz. Media does things for the Fashion Industry what the Fashion Industry cannot do directly; it sells the fantasy. We all know how celebrities and the Fashion Industry seems to get along very well but does one know it indirectly markets the Fashion brand instead. In the much-acclaimed documentary “The Secret Life of Haute Couture” speaks about the fascination of Media towards the elite club of Haute Couture and it’s secretive yet stunning approach to Fashion. There is definitely a mania media creates through its indefinite mediums; the eccentricity is what captures the imagination of its artsy fans and inspires them to connect to the fantasy. ‘Highly prominent cheek bones, emaciated bodies photo finished faces’  is what is best described as modern day fashion photography. One can observe a stark contrast between the world’s first fashion model and the latest fashion model to grace the cover of Vogue. These days it is not considered pathological for people to acquire hundreds of photographs of themselves in a lifetime. The Countess de Castiglione was a rare creature indeed: a full-blown 19th-century narcissist with unlimited access to a camera. From 1856 to 1895, she had more than 400 photographs of herself taken by Mayer & Pierson, a fancy studio in Paris that specialized in hand-colored photography. And she did not sit quietly and leave it up to the photographer, Pierre-Louis Pierson, to decide the pose. She called the shots. Fashion Blogs in today’s time is definitely the next best things. It encourages people of all ages irrespective of profession to somewhat be a part of the bigger picture. Websites like provide a portal of the fashion madness where people rant constantly through their blogs. It is quite interesting to hear about what each person has to say through the electronic platform. To stay alive in the Fashion Industry one needs to have a solid backbone and thorough knowledge of the past and future of fashion. As fashion students we need to be aware and be updated through books and magazine. “Fashion today” by Colin Dowell speaks about his

the ups and downs of fashion, and this textbook documents them. From the Dior New Look to the early nineties, McDowell explores the past and present themes that dictate fashion. Who should read it: fashion school hopefuls and new writers looking to nail all of the important reference points?

Fashion is a whimsical world and Media is its high heel; it takes to the next level and makes it desirable.



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